Women Run the World at Skirt Sports

Women Run the World at Skirt Sports

Women run the world at Skirt Sports.  Do you know what running and life have in common? Both take focus, commitment, persistence and perseverance, sometimes you trip and fall, sometimes it’s just plain hot and hard to keep going and getting over another hill, that is always worth celebration

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking at Skirt Sports last Tuesday night. Nicole DeBoom created a Women Run the World series for women just like you and I to stand up and share the journey. Three of us stood up and shared our experience, Pam Moore, Mara Abbot and myself.

Each of us have different lives on the surface but from a deep place we shared the real backstory to our successes. All involved fumbling through finding our authentic voice, taking risks for our dreams and overcoming obstacles. We each had one word for our talk. mine was Stuck. Pam’s was Heart. Mara’s was Authenticity. Enjoy watching the videos!

Susanne Menge on STUCK:

Pam Moore on Heart

Mara Abbot on Authenticity

Remember, you have what you need inside.  Bring the tools into your life to let your best self shine.

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