Whole Foods Market and Amazon Merge

Whole Foods Market and Amazon Merge


Whole Foods Market and Amazon Merge bringing the best of natural grocers and the best of technology together. It’s not a done deal, we are in the engagement phase of the relationship. Plans have been made, the executives want the wedding to happen but now there are government regulations that must be walked through and shareholder agreements needed. These are pieces that none of the executives from Whole Foods or Amazon have complete control over.


I work at Whole Foods Market in Boulder. We have 400 Team Members on Pearl Street alone and 91,000 worldwide. Merging with Amazon, brings our combined team to 431,000 people who can grow and thrive with the best of class. The possibilities with this team are endless and now we all get to train our patience muscles through this phase where we know the outcome we want, but until it’s done, any outcome is possible.


That limbo place where we know what we want but we don’t get our way YET can be unsettling. The ‘what ifs?’ arise. The naysayers scream. The dreamers dream. The worriers worry. Often it’s a combo of all of these all within ourselves, have you noticed?


Pay attention to how you do limbo and use these tips if you need a little reminder:

  1. Take a breath. Notice if you are freaking out over nothing you can control. Breathe and funnel that freak out into productive action.
  2. Are you paralyzed by not knowing? Make a list of concrete actions you can take and start checking them off.


Life if full of unknowns. Take action on what is in your control, let go of the rest.


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