Train Your Mindset

Train Your Mindset

Most of us know we need to exercise to keep our body fit, eat good food to keep it moving well, take care of our work and our family but what is often missed is training the mind. If your anxious, fear based, worrisome thinking is getting in the way…there is a choice to be made. Keep focusing on those thoughts or remember you are so much bigger than your thinking.

Your thoughts pass through your head. They are not who you are. They are not yours to micro-manage, they are to continue on through, just as clouds pass through the sky.

You are so much greater than your thoughts. You are the space those thoughts arise in.

Take a moment right now and choose what you will focus on for today. Notice if you start to feel the spaciousness in you.

I’ll offer a few examples: I am strong. or I am open and creative. or I am focused.
Make your own or pick one of mine and add I have a clear mind.

Here’s the one I’ll use today:
I am capable of creating anything that is inspired and in alignment with the good of all. I have a clear mind.

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You are the magic ingredient in your success.

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