I Stand Up for What I Know is True

I take a stand for what I know is true

I Stand Up for What I Know is True

Sit up a little taller in your chair right now and feel your feet on the ground feel your butt in the chair.

What is most important to you is where you stand tall and not back down. Not in a selfish ‘I am on my own and I am going on vacation’ kind of way. That’s fine if it’s what you really want but if not, make certain you are taking a stand on a firm foundation or at some point it will crack.

Personally, I am taking a stand for the potential of every human being on this planet to be realized. I am taking a stand that God or the mystery or that juice that breathed life into the babies that were brought into our bellies and birthed into this world.

I am taking a stand for the mystery to lead and guide us to be great stewards of our lives. I am taking a stand for the force that brought us to earth to lead us to a sustainable and kind life.

Strategies to Stand Up for What You Know is True:
1. Take a big deep breath. Release it. Take another big nourishing breath and ask yourself what you are taking a stand for in your life. Are you taking a stand for what is real or are you caving in in some ways to ‘everyone is doing _____’ so it must be ok. It’s not true. Your health and happiness can’t afford to be normal.

2. Baby Steps. Write down 5 things you can do with a specific timeline to help your inner alignment and your beauty stand out in this world and make it happen

Take a Stand, Make a Plan and Take Clear Action Steps. YOU are worth it!

Stay with us on this adventure!

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