Health Coaching


Health Coaching is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging the client to listen to their inner wisdom, identify their values and transform their goals into action.  Whether the client has an injury, illness or burning desire to live more fully a holistic approach to health can be the key to unlock vitality, joy and healing.


Show Up. Be Real. Heal Yourself.



Learn Simple Strategies to:

Reduce Stress

Learn that Self-Care IS Health-Care

Boost Your Immunity

Gain Insight into YOUR Body

Write Your Own Prescription for Healing

Improve Your Nutrition

Exercise for Your Health



What people are saying:

“I loved being HERE, open, present and to plan the little things.” – Sherry

“I learned to work on my balance and to remind myself to stand tall.” – Ginni

“Susanne is a most playful, focused and gentle coach on the way to wellness and balance  I no longer have to do life perfectly.” – Kathleen

“The mud in my mind is dwindling and I feel great.” – Chelsa

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