Safety in Uncertainty

Safety in uncertainty comes from the inside. Can you remember one moment in this life that you felt unsafe? Whether that be last week on Valentine’s Day when there was a massacre in Florida within a school where children went to learn or on the ice that has formed overnight waking up and slipping around or that moment when you lost your job or lost your relationship and didn’t know what was coming next. Imagine that right now. Give yourself a moment to feel this.

Now, within that, imagine feeling inside yourself that everything is still ok. We don’t have the ability to control the outside circumstances, we don’t have the ability to say ‘I get to live this long’, our health could take us down, some outside circumstances could take us down but we do have the ability to say ‘Today, I will live from my deepest alignment. Today I will live from that small voice inside, whatever you call that voice.” I call that voice God, the Universe, the angels, I have lots of names for that voice inside that when I am quiet enough to listen, guides me.

I have to share a story. I zipped up my favorite mountain this morning, Mount Sanitas. Mount Sanitas means mountain of health. On that mountain is where I have learned to go anywhere in the dark and feel safe, where I have learned to test my physical and mental abilities, to be with friends, to guide groups and all kinds of good things. Today there were several inches of snow on the ground and it was really cold, it was 1 degree above zero at the trailhead. I was well dressed but I was also happy to see the footprints on the trail. It gave me a strange sense of comfort to know that somebody had already been up the path.

I arrived at the place where very clearly that person and their dog had turned around and headed back down the path. So from about a quarter of the way up the mountain to the top on Mount Sanitas I got to forge fresh tracks and look at all of the metaphors of fresh tracks in my mind. Fresh tracks are a fun adventure on the trail on a mountain where I am fairly certain I am on the trail. There were a couple of places I was off the trail but there wasn’t too much snow so I could usually get a sense of the indentation of the trail and the trees that I am used to. I was entertained and curious and having a grand time running up the trail.

I started laughing at myself because I can get really insecure with those kind of feelings within my life. But sometimes and this is one of those, I know there is a path laid out for me and I know everything I have learned thus far is guiding me on this path but I feel this great sense of uncertainty in what is coming now. I am being called to do something more than my one on one work and something more than writing books and programs and I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if it is a revolution inside of me or a bigger role to play in business or ??? I am super curious, AND this mind has the capacity to get terrified by that.

I have learned so much about hanging out in uncertainty and trusting the next step and I practice it on a daily basis to make sure I am in situations where I am constantly learning and constantly on the edge and I know in due time, next steps will become clear. I also know you can find your way in uncertainty. I know you can feel really safe in the uncertainty no matter how big it is in the world. Whether it is within your own family or within the human family. There is a lot of uncertainly in this world and it can knock us around. Can you shore up your toolbox, do you have what you need to remind you that the Universe has a bigger plan, your life is on a path and you make choices along that path but there is a lot already laid out.

If you need tools, that is what I have had the grace of developing. Books, one-on-one time, classes, go to for these tools.

In the meantime, remember that you are safe within yourself in uncertainty. Don’t jump into the tools that distract you from uncertainty, grab the tools that shore up your confidence, your self-esteem and your ability to learn and remind you that you have got this, no matter what is going on outside of you.

Jump into Mindset for Success and I’ll hold your hand while you train yourself!

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