Power Your Potential Day 1

Power Your Potential Day 1

Power Your Potential: September 1, 2018

I’ve put out a challenge to anyone ready to face their next project as a group. Find more info on my personal Facebook Page and in the public group Calling All Teammates Day 1 of my next project, messy and exciting as it is, is below. What will you do with this precious month?

Day one of diving deep into If You Only Knew, my memoir. Leading into this project I’ve watched myself needing to get absolutely everything done, except sit butt in chair and write words. Mind’s spinning around the structure of this book. I could structure it by assets gained, chapter by chapter talking about the confidence, ability to learn, willingness to try new things, strength of mind, curiosity, inner alignment, peace, joy, contentment, commitment to my purpose. That’s boring. Who wants to hear anything about that?

I could structure it by story: becoming a single mom at age 41 and not knowing if I can handle it. Epstein Barr Diagnosis and healing. Living in 6 houses in one year, waking up some days not knowing where we lived. Sitting in 4 long hours of mediation with my landlord when the lawyer was yelling ‘do you realized how financially exposed you are’ and I looked at him quietly and responded, ‘yes, but my integrity is not exposed’ and he heard me. The journey of learning to hike in the dark, alone and face every fear in my mind. The adventure of a lifetime with my soul mate in loving and letting go and trusting God. Yep, still feels boring. How the heck do I do this?

I still don’t know the answer on structure. The one chapter that is drafted so far is called ‘He’s hot’. Where that will fit in I don’t get to know but what I do know about every project I work on is the answers come when I stop needing to know what I can’t see yet and just take one step at a time. So here I am. One baby step into sitting down on day 1, placing words to page. Laughing at myself for the intense energy of anticipation that I’ve been avoiding with a needed square of chocolate, important cleaning of my stairs, reading other peoples’ books (I have 4 in my stack right now), running out the door for a quick hike, and anything else that could get me away from this seated position, on my purple couch, getting it done.

I will write from where I am at and see what comes.

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