Personal Training

Personal training includes writing an exercise prescription and receiving individual instruction while working through the psychological and emotional blocks that have stopped you short of your goals in the past.  Together we write your goals and I provide clear feedback and accountability throughout the time we work together.  Whether you need weekly support or monthly checkins, personal training is customized for your needs.


Show Up. Be Real.  Access Your Potential.


Learn Simple Strategies to:

Gain Core Strength

Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

Increase Flexibility

Reduce Stress

Boost Your Immunity

Create healthful habits


What people are saying:

“1. Control your core. 2. Concentrate on yourself. 3. No need to overdo.” – Javier

“It doesn’t take much to strengthen and awaken the core inner strength.” – Kim

“Susanne offers a clear voice and clear sight. She will open your perspective, if you listen. Awareness, Breath, Choice – love that.” – Steve

“I’ve regained a connection to my physical body I had not realized I’d lost, I can feel my feet on the ground, and I move through the world with confidence and strength.” – Michele

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