Open your capacity for life

open your capacity for life

Open your capacity for life…and grow.

Are you stuck playing small in certain areas of your life? Are you are tired of feeling like a caged animal? If so, you might need to make some simple changes to get out of the status quo and grow your abilities and willingness to be yourself, to grow your capacity for the whole of your life.

We all do it. We get scared and stop taking risks. We make mistakes as in business, parenting, relationships, health choices and then shrink into a small version of who we really are rather than stand up a little taller and keep on growing.

You are worth it. You deserve greatness and you deserve to be your best self in this life. Step into more of your capacity, a little step each day and you will thrive!

Strategies to open your capacity for your best life:
1. Gift yourself 10 minutes to be exactly where you want to be. Don’t play any of the familiar roles, be on vacation, relaxed and trusting your gut within your regular life. No to dos, no worries, no shoulds allowed. Set the timer. Sit still or move depending on what you really want in the moment and enjoy yourself.

2. Dance for 2 songs. Cue up your favorite music. Create yourself a space to be just you. Silly dancing, beautiful, elegant, whatever you need to relax and move with the music, nobody is watching. Enjoy yourself and take that relaxed feeling into your life.

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