Intuitive Reading & Healing

Relax. Receive. BE Yourself.

We are spiritual beings in a human body.  We were made by something greater than our logical mind and we are driven by that which created us (spirit, consciousness, God, the Universe, whatever you want to call the force that brought us here).

Our minds cannot comprehend this and can either be our greatest asset on our journey or our biggest liability. An intuitive session can take you where your mind cannot go and help you see what is holding you back, old energy, beliefs, fears.


How It Works…

We sit across from each other, I look at your energy in present time and point out what I see on a spirit level, simple energy, no judgement, no criticism, no problem.


What You Get…

A Clear Perspective

Information on what may be Holding you Back

Next Steps you can Choose to Take

Validation on Your Path


What People Are Saying…

‘Thank you for that reading, it’s not what I wanted to hear but it is what I knew.’ – N.G.

‘Thinking of you this morning and feeling immense gratitude for our session yesterday.  Just did my 7 mins.’ – J.N. 

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