How Much Good Can You Have?

How Much Good Can You Have?

How much good can you have? How much of your brilliance? How much of the abundance in this world? How many compliments can you actually take in?

We are so used to sarcasm and playing small, no matter what we have accomplished in this life, that it can take a lot of practice in my experience to stand up into who we are supposed to be and really shine in this world. AND, we are worth it.

The question I have is how much of your good can you have? How much of your strength beauty, compassion, brilliance, and prosperity can you really stand into and say YES to? We want to practice saying NO to those things that don’t work in our life but those things that can lift us up and up level us in our lives we must practice saying a huge YES to.

Let’s play. If you are in a safe place (not driving) close your eyes for a moment. Picture a gas gauge, with the spectrum of Empty to Full. Empty is you can’t take in one bit of me telling you that you are absolutely brilliant, smart and worthy and full is you can soak in your brilliance, soak in when I tell you that you have so much to offer this world and you can do it.

Most people are somewhere on that spectrum. Many of us have been trained to not fully take in compliments and reflections from others while at the same time, we are desperate for someone else to tell us we are worthy, to feel seen and understood. You know any of those people? I’ve been there and I can still get hooked. We’re human, every last one of us.

If you can’t take in a compliment, notice what is holding you back. Is it pictures and programming that say ‘oh that’s not true’ or ‘she’s just saying that’ or ‘I haven’t done enough yet to be complimented’? Take that information out into your life so you can practice saying yes to what serves your life as it is, right now.

Let’s drop those pictures and those old stories and stand up together in our lives together and keep coming back to our clear beauty and strength and move forward from that part of us. We are all worth it, it’s a practice.

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