Go Ahead and Make a Ruckus

go ahead and make a ruckus

Go Ahead and Make a Ruckus…why now?

Go ahead and make a ruckus. I take this line directly from Seth Godin. The idea that status quo isn’t working and we have to make change, do you agree? Each of us have that responsibility. Every person must decided to take their turn and make their mark. It requires digging deep for what is true and then bringing that forth into the world – that is making a ruckus. Even if you aren’t quite ready to take action or quite ready to realize the ruckus you need to make, isn’t it just a fun word to say? And, truly, saying it, laughing at the sound of the word will keep the idea in your space and then the moment arises when you are ready to take action.

A ruckus doesn’t need to be big. You can make a small disturbance, by being kind to the people in the checkout line, laughing with them at how long it’s taking to get our of the store. You can create a tiny commotion by giving yourself the afternoon nap you have been longing for. If you are feeling brave, make a bigger ruckus by asking your children to do some extra chores this week (make certain you are ready to hold yourself accountable to this one).

Strategies to make a ruckus:
1. Set yourself a 5 minute timer. Allow yourself to sit or lay still. Just rest. Notice if there is tension in your body or mind and breathe into it. Release anything you are trying to keep track of with your mind, it will be there when your timer rings. Ask yourself what you really need when this 5 minutes ends.
2. Repeat the same 5 minute timer. Give yourself what you really need. Give yourself that 5 minute nap, the hard phone call you ‘never have time for’, the opportunity to trust the moment and trust yourself.

You are unique, you are beautiful and you are strong and you are worth it. Focus on what you want more than anything else and sometimes that requires, making a ruckus!

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