Challenge yourself to grow

challenge yourself to grow

Challenge yourself to grow.

Any muscles unused atrophy. It’s obvious when you look at your biceps but what about the muscles of curiosity, learning, relaxing, trusting yourself, confidence, compassion, movement, having a hard conversation?

All of these are muscles that need strength, flexibility and endurance training. All of these muscles need a commitment from you, a desire to want them strong and healthy. Curiosity leads us to try new things. The ability to learn opens us from the small known of the mind to the grand and unfathomable unknown of life. Confidence is the difference between taking the first step and staying stuck.

What muscles do you need to train? Check in with yourself and make clear choices. You are worth it and you can train any of your muscles to gain strength and precision throughout your life.

Strategies to challenge yourself to grow in strength and flexibility:
1. Choose a small physical challenge. What is a stretch for you but within the realm of possible? Is it 10 jumping jacks each day for 7 days? Is a challenge for you 25 pushups, a 1 mile walk, going to a workout class? Choose an activity, choose the number of times you will repeat it and make it happen. Example: 10 jumping jacks for 10 days is 100 jacks. Easy, with a commitment and discipline.

2. Now choose a mental challenge. What is a stretch for you? If you need an idea, start with sitting still. 10 minutes of sitting still for 7 days is 70 minutes of quiet introspection. You are worth it. If you are new to stillness, quiet can be a challenge, and the benefits are inner peace, relaxation of the body, precise action, if you are willing to slow down enough to listen.

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