Breathe and Keep Moving Forward

breathe and keep moving forward

Breathe and Keep Moving Forward…are you willing?

Breathe and keep moving forward…Do you have those moments in life when you just don’t think you can handle any more? Do you get tense, anxious and then lose your focus, your attention, your peace of mind and your ability to get things gone? There is great news, this happens to all of us.

And, you always have what you need inside of you. The only problem is that under tension and stress our body and mind don’t work nearly as well. I like to say ‘we get stupid’. So the key is to breathe and keep going.

Your breath, literally pulling in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide is your calming, nourishing, always available tool. You have it. Nothing to go get, nothing wrong, just stop, breathe, and make the next clear move. Breathe until you can calm your nervous system down such that you can move with precision, focus and confidence once again.

Strategies to breathe and keep going:

1. Stand up tall and breathe 5 breaths through your entire body. Act as if you are pulling the breath in from the tips of your toes, all the way up through every cell in your body and out the top of your head. Feel what the very first intentional breath you take is like. Has it been a while since you truly got air in the whole system. Just notice, and take 4 more breaths. You have this tool to use always. Take it into your life and use it when you want to check out of the intensity but need to keep going.

2. Repeat the same exercise later in the day. Trust yourself to know if ‘later’ is in 10 minutes or 10 hours. Take 5 awesome full breaths through your whole system and truly let your own breath relax your whole physical body and your mind.

You are unique, you are brilliant and you are capable. Use your breath as your guide and play with it at work, in the grocery line, in parenthood and in your workouts.

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