Are You Willing to Let Go?

Are You Willing to Let Go?

Are you willing to let go of the pieces, stories, pictures and parts that are no longer serving your life? Are you willing to move on and step fully into your rightness, your brilliance, the thing you are meant to do? Do you have that vision that you hold that you really wish you could do but you are staying in that safe spot because you don’t know how to get there? You are waiting for that day when A to Z happens overnight, when in fact you need the steps in between: B, C, D, E, F and G to build the strength, confidence, and abilities to get there. The baby steps are significant yet it’s the mind that questions if you are making progress, fast enough! Silly mind.

What are you willing to let go of today? Are you willing to let go of a friend that is not really a friend that is suiting your life at this stage? Are you willing to let go of a belief system that says you are not good enough and you don’t deserve any more than you have right now? Are you willing to let go of that overdrive that goes on in so many minds that says if you don’t work tirelessly you won’t get what you need and be provided for? All of the stories you carry add up to weights hanging on you and slowing you down. Can you pick one weight(20 if you would like) and drop it today?

What are you willing to let go of today? Close your eyes for a moment and check in. What do you hear from inside? For me the work in progress is caffeine. I love a cup of tea or a cup of coffee. Caffeine is fun, I love a cup but the price I pay is getting less and less affordable. I go faster for a period of time and then I lose time because my body gets so worn out. Check in and see what small or big weight you are carrying and if you are willing to look at it head on and make a conscious choice to let it go. It’s a daily practice. You’ve got it.

Jump into Mindset for Success and I’ll hold your hand while you train yourself to let go of the weights that hold you back!

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