Are You Congruent

Are you congruent? Congruence, obedience, integrity have all been really up in my life. Congruence is harmony, balance, compatibility, consistency.  Are you congruent all the way through? It’s as simple as, does your talk match your walk? There is an effect on everything no matter what your answer.


What I see in myself, my clients and my friends is that when we’re living in congruence to the inner voice our health is better, our mental status is clearer, our bodies heal more easily. We go through trials, we might have to go through pain, injuries, big illnesses but if we are listening deeply we walk through with more ease. If we are saying one thing and living another the crashes are bigger and the pain that we have to go through lasts longer. I’ve done both! Currently my life is on a very narrow path and with the smallest deviation from that I get whacked. I’ll give one example: I love caffeine, I just do. Caffeine doesn’t love me but I love a cup of coffee or tea just for the buzz overdrive of it. This past week I had three days of caffeine. After only three days my mental strength was rapidly declining and my physical body had a few little tweaks that I have no doubt are related. I got the message really fast that this was not the path I wanted to be on. (I’ve been slower in the past so this is definitely grace!)


I encourage you to look at your life.  Are you where you want to be in your life or is there something that you wish you could do that you’re not even going near. Are you doing the things that matter most to you, being the person in the world that makes your heart feel really good and wears you out in the best way by the end of the day?


Or are you in a totally different place and you need to check in this moment and do something new to get back on your journey. Nobody but you will know and nobody but you will ultimately pay the price in health, in joy and the pure adventure of life.


Check in with yourself, ask yourself am I doing the things I want to be doing to be in congruence with myself?  Am I in my integrity or do I have some things I need to work on? You are worth it, take your time. Open to your own brilliance.


Thank you so much. Have a wonderful wonderful adventure and let me know if I can support you!

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